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Do you currently have a selective
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This is not your typical Selective Soldering training. The Selective Soldering Academy (SSA) provides comprehensive, real-world selective soldering instruction and training-covering everything from the basics of the most challenging selective soldering scenarios. The overall goal of the SSA is to elevate your selective soldering skills and your process to a whole new level......


You will take your selective soldering and troubleshooting skills to a whole new level----be better equipped to get new programs and products up and running more quickly, and better understand how to keep them running.

Elevate your total selective solder proficiency to better understand the process's capability and process.......

Introducing the SSA Challenge Board

The key to the hands-on experience is the specially designed Selective Soldering test vehicle: the SSA Challenge Board-a multi-layer board that emulates many of the most difficult challenges typically seen in today's selective soldering environment. Contributions from a variety companies and industry professionals were incorporated into the board's design to......


  • Process Engineers & Managers
  • Selective Machine Programmers
  • Process Owners
  • Senior Engineers
  • Technology Team Leaders
  • Any manager responsible for DFM Guidelines
  • Anyone who has a thirst for greater selective soldering knowledge!


Selective Soldering Academy's standard course duration is 3 days. Each session will be customized to the understanding level of the particular company or group. Instructors will pre-assess attendees' experience level and topics of interest prior each course.